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Participation Fees


Participant's Category Fee
Regular participant 5000 RUB
Student* 2500 RUB


Fees include:
 - copy of conference proceedings;
 - access to all reports and master-classes;
 - participant's set;
 - coffee-breaks;
 - part in opening dinner;
 - transfer.

Each visitor receives baige after registration. Show your baige to access all presentations.

* Students should provide official confirmation of their status from their univercity. This confirmation must be scanned and e-mailed to


Payment Info

Fee in rubles must be paid before you come to the conference via bank transfer (payment details in Russian are provided here:

Imortant note for foreign participants!
You can pay the conference fee in PSU. We will be glad to assist you to exchange your currency. Feel free to contact us via for details.