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Poster Formatting


Poster is a static presentation at А1 page with book orientation.

Poster should be colorful and bright, include main ideas of your report. Poster must be comfortable for reading. People interested in your topic might want to communicate to the authors, so it's best to drop some particulars of your work.

It's important to include topic of your report, authors and the title of your organisation. Don't forget to mention your sponsors (including grants).

Some short advices:

  • Matte paper looks better than glossy
  • Avoid long text, use pictures, diagrams
  • Use big size types
  • Good reporter improves good poster!

Additional how-to links:


Poster size:

Paper size: 594 mm х 840 mm (А1, vertical)
Top margin: 25.4 mm 
Bottom margin:  25.4 mm 
Left margin: 25.4 mm 
Right margin: 25.4 mm 
Orientation - book