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[Sep 12, 2017]

Registration for participants without talks is open:

[Sep 12, 2017]

Conference program and list of plenary talks are published:

[June 7, 2017]

Sumbission to Computer Graphics and Education section is open.

[May 29, 2017]

Paper template for MS Word was updated. According to RSCI standards, it contains English annotation. Also number of pages was increased to 5. If you have already submitted your paper using old template, it will be revised, but you'll have to use new template for camera-ready version.

[May 15, 2017]

Submission deadline is prolonged till July 3, 2017.

[May 4, 2017]

Sumbission to Geometric Modeling section is open.

[Apr 3, 2017]

Submission to Realistic Graphics, Scientific Visualization and Visual Analytics, Scientific Visualization and Visual Analytics, Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis, Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis is open.